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High Performance New Construction Initiative Overview

Ensure Energy Efficiency is Built into your New Construction or Major Renovation Project from Day One.
The HIGH PERFORMANCE NEW CONSTRUCTION initiative provides design assistance and incentives for building owners and planners who design and implement energy efficient equipment within their new space.

Today, developers, architects, engineers, property owners and tenants within the building industry recognize the significance and positive impact of high performance buildings. It clearly pays to make energy efficiency a key priority when renovating or building new facilities.

Integrating energy efficiency into the building design process makes business sense.

In 2009 alone, the Canadian industry saved $6.2 billion in energy costs through harnessing energy efficiency improvements. By designing and constructing buildings that integrate energy efficiency into their core, we have the opportunity to take advantage of a proven cost effective approach to save energy and costs over the long-term. Through making energy efficient decisions, you can expect that your building will cost less to operate, produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions and be a comfortable place in which to live, work or play.


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