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Sea Energy proudly offers our complimentary “Go Green” energy lighting audit service.  There are no obligations for this service.  Our goal is to guide you towards the most energy and cost efficient property possible.  One of our many field experts, will show you how to lower your utility bill, while maintaining and most likely exceeding the quality and functionality of your current lighting system. A “Go Green” audit requires a comprehensive analysis of factors regarding your buildings lighting schedule and equipment.  We will schedule a convenient time for an on-site analysis of your existing lighting system, where our experienced auditors will make a complete study of all on-site lighting and controls. The data we collect during the audit, allows us to create an extremely accurate current energy usage report.  With this report, we can now provide your business with a clear savings comparison between your current system and retrofitted or upgraded lighting system.  We take into account government rebate incentives, energy saving fixtures, timers, occupancy sensors and other technologies to ensure that you are aware of all options to reduce your energy consumption and costs to help you save on energy with Sea Energy.