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Whether it’s a lighting upgrade, motor and heating installations or new control systems, incorporating energy efficiency into your operations delivers benefits that reach far beyond your energy bill.
Get the most out of equipment upgrades by contacting your local hydro company and learn more about retrofit incentives and how they can help your organization gain a competitive edge.

Eligible Measures

Eligible measures under the program are those that provide sustainable, measurable and verifiable reductions in peak electricity demand and/or electricity consumption and below are some examples:

  • Lighting retrofits
  • Lighting controls
  • HVAC redesign
  • Chiller replacement
  • Variable speed drives
  • Improvement of thermal performance of a building envelope through measures such as increased insulation, installation of high performance windows and frames, low emissive window glazing or low emissive roof barriers
  • Implementation of new operating procedures, including the purchase and installation of equipment (such as an energy management system, building automation systems, sensors, control equipment, metering equipment, or related communication systems) necessary either to obtain or to increase the effectiveness of an energy management system or building automation system.

Get up to $2,500 in refrigeration upgrades

When you’re running your own business and wearing many hats, downtime is never an option. Increase reliability, cut costs and reduce food spoilage with refrigeration upgrades that work just as hard as you do.

Small business owners using commercial-grade refrigeration to cool products can receive a free energy assessment and up to $2,500 in refrigeration upgrades.

You may qualify if your business:
has a General Service Account (residential accounts aren’t eligible)
uses commercial-grade refrigeration to cool products
has an average peak electricity demand of less than 250 kW annually
owns or leases the facility (if you lease the space, you must have written permission from the owner)
hasn’t participated in a previous business refrigeration program

Improve Your Chilled Water System’s Energy Performance
Air conditioning can be costly to operate and maintain, particularly if you have a large Chilled Water System. Now there are options for immediately reducing your electricity bills and, over time, lowering maintenance and replacement costs.

With the EXISTING BUILDING COMMISSIONING program for Chilled Water Systems, funding is available for:
· Hiring an expert to analyze the Chilled Water System and make recommendations for increasing its energy efficiency
· Buying and installing metering equipment
· Implementing the recommended upgrades
High Performance New Construction Initiative Overview

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