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To help reduce the overall electricity demand in Ontario, the Ontario Power Authority implemented the save ON energy incentive program.   The incentive program offers a rebate to commercial and industrial facilities, encouraging them to invest in retrofit lighting projects that will reduce their electricity demand and drastically cut utility overhead. Please read more below.

The benefits of a commercial lighting retrofits
  • Reduce energy consumption by up to 50%
  • Dramatically reduce electricity bills
  • Reduce maintenance costs  
  • Improved safety 
  • More productive work day/increase profitability  
  • Become an environmentally responsible business 
Reasons for choosing us

When choosing/investing in one of our many retrofit lighting solutions, you can expect a government rebate of up to 50% of the project cost.  To simplify the rebate process, we take care of the application in it’s entirety.   From user profile creation, application and rebate payment.  You will be able to monitor every step at save ON energy as Sea Energy easily guides your project to completion.

Following the completion of an Sea Energy Go Green Energy Lighting Audit, we will provide property owners/managers with a Sea Energy Savings Proposal.  This is a comprehensive document detailing the results of our audit and various options for an Sea Energy lighting design that will include the products that best suit the lighting requirements of the building, focusing on energy efficiency and customer budget.

Features included in every proposal/application
  • Total project cost
  • Estimated saveONenergy Rebate
  • Current energy consumption 
  • Estimated future energy consumption 
  • Estimated annual savings 
  • Percentage annual savings 
  • Time to recover costs of initial investment (usually between 1 – 5 yrs)
  • A lighting design (retrofit or new)
  • Recommendations for additional energy savings products (eg. timers, occupancy, daylight sensors etc…)

You’ll save a significant amount each month on your energy bill. But that’s not all.

As a typical LED bulb can last up to 40 times longer than an incandescent bulb you’ll save significantly on maintenance costs as well.

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The Save ON energy program was created to help reduce our country’s dependence on expensive fossil fuels and mitigate the environmentally harmful effects of wasteful technologies.

You could see up to 50% of the cost of your retrofit refunded to you under this important conservation program.

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While a Sea Energy industrial lighting retrofit of your Ontario factory will bring light into areas once considered out of reach the fact is all areas of your facility will benefit from better illumination.

Improved lighting can result in greater safety, fewer accidents and potential savings on your liability insurance.

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Studies have shown that in poorly lit facilities workers often feel unmotivated lacking in both energy and motivation.

A properly lit facility has been shown to increase productivity and reduce the number of days missed to illness among the workforce.

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In addition to the annual savings a lighting retrofit will provide a brilliant display of lights that will enhance the look of your facility.

Your facility will not only be safer, more secure, and energy efficient, it will have more curb appeal, making it a more attractive place to work and more impressive to potential clients.

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Both commercial and industrial lighting retrofits with environmentally responsible energy efficient LED lights is not only a smart business decision that will save you significant amounts of money in the long term, it’s also the responsible thing to do for your country, your planet and your kids.

If you are still unsure whether a lighting retrofit would benefit your business call SEA Energy today and schedule a Go Green audit. We will demonstrate to you in no uncertain terms how much energy and money you will save as a result of a commercial lighting retrofit. So call us today on 416-525-4064 and speak to one of our highly trained retrofit experts.

To comply with new government mandated efficiency standards
To drastically reduce your lighting related maintenance costs
To become an environmentally responsible business
To improve the quality of light in your business
To increase profitability

Contact us for further details.

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